One of the Biggest Pastry & Bakery Manufacturing Companies in Saudi Arabia

Sweet Arts is One of the biggest Saudi Pastry & Bakery manufacturing companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Middle East.

The company specialized in manufacturing Western pastries & bakery products under brand "Crumbly” and Chocolate & Filling under brand “Juweel”, also we market and supply the Arabian sweets, nuts, Ice Cream and Coffee, locally and internationally.


To be a model aspired by everyone in the field of food manufacturing in all markets of which we are part of, and to become a major part of the happiest moments in the lives of our customers.

Our Mission

We endeavor at Sweet Arts to become the leaders across the world in the field of food manufacturing companies, because the essence of our job supports our mission through giving our team work the freedom to be creative in combining the best ingredients and presenting them in a warm heart of smiles.

Our Main Focus

Focus on customers needs and requirements of each customer according to his region.

Our values


Serving our country , community and adhering to the applicable laws and regulations.


Our customers are partners in our success and their satisfaction is essential for achieving our business goals


To follow the highest international quality standards at all levels of work and stages of production and service provision.


To strive and provide creativity and continuous development in our work and welcome the ideas and suggestions of our staff


We strive to make our food as ethical and healthy as possible

Our quality policy

It was necessary to establish TQM responsible for ensuring the product safety through different production stages.
- TQM conducts quality and analysis of Raw materials, semi-manufactured and final products to ensure its safety suitability for human use according to the highest local and international standards. This includes conducting daily and urgent tests in the central laboratory. (Humidity, acidity, oil rancid tests, fungal toxins detection - aflatoxins) and other tests.
- The quality of our products is a result for applying the highest local and international standards and specifications applicable in food establishments. We also do our best to obtain our client satisfaction and consider their comments to provide the best types of pastries and other products in the highest conditions of cleanliness and quality.


In Sweet Arts, we believe that social responsibility is very important and that every institution has responsibility for human life and the surrounding environment.
In this respect, we are keen to build all our commercial and economic decisions on Humanitarian values and enrich human life. This responsibility has led us to engage in many activities that serve the community and contribute to its development, protection and support of many voluntary associations of ambitious youth; we are part of this community and very keen to develop it.

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